Group Fitness; a blessing…and a curse… and a blessing.

Conventional wisdom from the trenches of the fitness industry says that group fitness, including both traditional classes and small group training, is a key factor in keeping members longer. The social attraction, tribe vibe and attendee accountability make group fitness classes a ‘bonding agent’, keeping individuals coming back to class again and again, extending member tenure and decreasing attrition.

However, managing a successful group fitness program in order to deliver quality and meet member expectations can be a challenge.

With many moving parts, including day of the week, time of the day, class type and instructor talents, it can be near impossible to get every class ‘right’.

Great group fitness directors rely upon knowledge, experience, and a fair amount of gut instinct to deliver a full schedule of classes that consistently appeal to and attract members.

When a director is making more and more decisions based upon solid and objective data, she will schedule the right class at the right time with the right instructor, more often. This data can help turn an every day group fitness program into a magnet.

So good advice for group fitness directors. Trust your gut….but verify with data.